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Sanmakah is also known as Nubian or Alexandrian senna, as well as Khartoum senna. The sanmakah plant is grown in many Arab countries, including Sudan. The best types of Sanmakah have greenish-yellow leaves, fragrant, resembling the smell of green tea, and a sweet and sour taste

The botanical name of the senna (Senna accutifolia, cinnamic, senna Alexandrian, senna, cassia)

The cinquefoil plant has a pale green stem, and its branches are spreading, with bitter-tasting leaves that distinguish it from argyle leaves. It has flowers and oblong-shaped branches ranging in length from seven to eight inches

Popular Uses for Senna

Many drug manufacturers use senna to produce different types of drugs. It is also used by perfumers in some herbal mixtures‘ and as nutritional supplements

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