Supply Services

Sesame Seeds

Since the world’s demand for sesame seeds keeps growing at a rate of over 4% yearly, 0ver 95% of all Sesame Seeds produced in Sudan are exported.

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is Sudan’s largest exported agricultural product, with the potential to generate over $6 billion US dollars in revenue on a yearly basis.


Manufacturers use senna to produce perfumers in herbal mixtures or as nutritional supplements


The peanut is a legume crop grown widely in the tropics and subtropics, mainly for its edible seeds.

Dried Lemons

Among all fruits and vegetables, lemon is one of the richest sources of vitamin C.

General Supplies

We provide supplies, equipment, products, and accessories for various industries.


We provide air conditioning, power generation, and fire fighting equipment and supplies.

Medical Equipment

We provide equipment and supplies for the medical industry.

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